About Lois Hole

Lois Hole was Alberta's 15th Lieutenant Governor, and only the second woman to hold this position. She was a successful businesswoman, best-selling author, education advocate, and community supporter. She was also an avid supporter of libraries and of the contribution they make to learning, literacy, personal development and recreation in Alberta's communities.


"Knowledge is the greatest natural resource available to the world's people. Within a library can be found the seeds of a better tomorrow. If planted in the right fertile minds, these seeds, properly nurtured, can grow into ideas that will make the world of the future more just, more compassionate than the one we live in today."


The Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library is probably not the kind of library Lois Hole envisioned when she spoke those words. It is a digital library and therefore a 'virtual' library, but it speaks to the "better tomorrow" that she craved; it is a concrete manifestation of the Alberta Advantage that was her mantra; and, it will serve to create a Learning Alberta, and of that Lois Hole would be proud.